Tape-ins, cut ins, weave, pre-fortified, combination, smaller scale interface, ah! What does everything mean? What does everything mean? Try not to be overpowered Luxy companions, we have you secured! Despite the fact that Luxy Hair Extensions are 100% remy human pin ins, hair augmentations are not constrained to this kind and we believe it’s critical to realize what the distinctive sorts are.

There are such huge numbers of various sorts of hair extensions there, so this blog entry will give lucidity and enable you to settle on the best decision for your hair. In this way, sit back, tie your hair back and we should get directly into it!

Hair augmentations give individuals the simplest method to have excellent hairs of dreams. Numerous sumptuous salons give this administration, which just set aside little opportunity to include length, volume or even concoction free features with hair expansions.

Since there are such huge numbers of various hair expansion alternatives accessible available, picking a hair augmentation technique that suits you can be overpowering. There are a few components to consider before picking a technique that works best for you, it incorporates introducing sort, way of life, and upkeep.

As per the introducing technique for hair expansion, there are three distinct composes: weft, strand by strand and clasp augmentations. The following is the most total examination of various introducing techniques, including professionals, cons and suggested upkeep. Before getting into the diverse kinds of hair augmentation applications, the principal thing you have to think about hair expansions is that they come in genuine human hair expansions and manufactured hair expansions. All in all, what is the contrast between them?


Human hair expansions are precisely what they seem like. They are made out of genuine, human hair through and through, gathered from a contributor. Remy hair implies every one of the fingernail skin are in place, running in a similar bearing at the season of accumulation. This takes into account no tangling and guarantees that the fingernail skin stream a similar way from root to tip.

Engineered hair then again, is made out of different manufactured, mixed filaments, and contains no human hair. These filaments are typically fine, plastic strands that are produced to mirror genuine hair.


Both genuine and engineered expansions come in numerous styles, hues and diverse types of utilization. The nature of engineered filaments can change, however they are for the most part firm and move uniquely in contrast to human hair, so they don’t mix too with your regular hair. They in some cases have a wiry or coarse feel to the touch. Genuine hair looks and feels genuine (in light of the fact that it is, obviously!) and accordingly mixes all the more normally with your hair.

Shading and STYLING

With manufactured hair, you can’t shading the hair as most colors contain smelling salts or fade which would just demolish the engineered hair. Moreover, you can’t style manufactured hair an indistinguishable route from your genuine hair in light of the fact that the warmth can harm them. So you can’t utilize things like hair curling accessories, straighteners or a blow dryer on manufactured hair as it will liquefy/extremely harm them. Different factors, for example, sun, grinding or cruel hair items can likewise harm engineered hair augmentations. Genuine hair expansions then again can be dealt with simply like your own hair – there are no restrictions! You can shading and style them any way you like.


Engineered hair is less expensive than genuine hair, obviously with that, comes an exchange off. Since they’re made out of engineered strands, they don’t keep going as long as human hair as they can without much of a stretch be harmed by the previously mentioned factors, (for example, sun, warm, and so forth.). By and large, they keep going for a couple of months, while genuine augmentations can last upwards of one year in the event that they are well dealt with. Remy human hair goes on for around one year by and large.

Along these lines, in rundown, genuine hair can be dealt with and styled simply like your own particular hair, and will look and feel the most regular. It will mix effortlessly with your hair and last any longer than manufactured hair. Despite the fact that they are less expensive than genuine hair, manufactured hair does not look as common, can’t be styled with warming instruments and don’t keep going as long as genuine hair.

1. Weft Hair Extension

A 2-4 inches wide hair weft is connected to the hair in columns, instead of as remain by strand. Hair wefts can be connected utilizing tape-in or sew-in/weave strategy.

1.1 Tape in Hair Extensions:

The most mainstream and consistent strategy for expansions accessible on showcase is tape in hair augmentation. They are connected utilizing either twofold or single-sided polyurethane(PU) tape. Customers with greatly thin hair, particularly around the sanctuaries and side of the head, may require a solitary board connected with single-sided tape.


• Fastest and least demanding strategy for application. It just takes 20-40 minutes for volume applications and 45-a hour for full-length application.

• No warmth or devices required for an application.

• Panels lay level on the head, for all intents and purposes imperceptible. Appropriate for thin, fine hair.

• The most secure strategy for hair augmentations accessible, as the heaviness of the board is spread out finished a bigger segment, making no harm the customer’s hair.

• Reusable strategy for augmentations, keeps going between 6-8 months under appropriate support.


• In the initial 24-48 hours after application, you can’t wash your hair or exorbitantly sweat as the weft needs some an opportunity to cure and hold fast legitimately to your own particular hair.

• The boards will slip when any sort of silicone or oil construct items are utilized specifically with respect to the glue.


• Do not utilize any silicone or oil-based items at the foundation of the hair.

• Brush hair day by day from root to tip.

• Style hair as ordinary.

1.2 Sew-in or weave:

On the off chance that you have coarse, wavy or thick hair, at that point sew-in or weave expansions are perfect for you. The customer’s hair is plaited to make a base for the expansions, and after that the wefts are sewn into the twists utilizing a needle and string.


• Slipping won’t happen unless the twists turn out to be free, so you can utilize oil or silicone-based items for your hair.

• Most appropriate for thick, coarse hair.

• No warmth or paste is required for an application.


• The application can take a few hours.

• If the hair augmentations are not washed routinely, it could get messy and cause disease.

• Extensions might be awkward and cause cerebral pains after an application.

• Limited hair styling choices.

• Tight meshes can cause strain or footing alopecia.


• Wash hair routinely.

• Avoid over styling, as this can make the twists come free.

• Shampoo, blow-dry twist or fix as you would with your ordinary hair.

2. Clasp In Hair Extension


Clasp in wefts, otherwise called cut in hair expansions, arrive in a strand of formed pieces, some long, and some can be trimmed shorter, with cuts that are sewn into the strand. The clasps are sewn-into the hair before getting them, influencing it to prepared to utilize, and simple to just “clasp” the pieces to your characteristic hair, all alone! The clasp is a snap open/snap close strategy (see here for how to cut them in). This technique is the slightest lasting style of augmentations since you can rapidly evacuate them and set them back on at whatever point you need. Not at all like a portion of the other hair augmentation applications said above, cut ins for the most part take 5-15 minutes to put on. (Careful discipline brings about promising results!) Clip-in hair augmentations are additionally the slightest harming on the grounds that they don’t include any chemicals, warm, or different strategies said above – they just clasp onto your hair so there is zero harm! This is one of the numerous reasons why it’s a standout amongst the most prevalent hair expansion techniques.


A similar manufactured versus genuine hair rules apply with regards to treatment of clasp in hair augmentations similarly as with any hair expansions. We’ll concentrate more on the genuine hair expansions since that is the thing that we suggest! See here for well ordered directions and tips on the most proficient method to wash and administer to your clasp in hair augmentations! In any case, basically, they are low support and we just prescribe you wash them each 15-20 wears or if there is a great deal of item on them. Much the same as your common hair, you essentially brush, cleanser and condition the hair and afterward let them air dry! At long last, you style your clasp ins a similar way you would style your own characteristic hair. You can shading them, and utilize twisting or fixing irons; everything goes! (Make sure to look at whatever remains of the blog for various styling tips!)

To what extent DO THEY LAST?

By and by, this relies upon how well you deal with them, what items you utilize and how regularly you wear them. With legitimate care and normal wear, cut ins last somewhere in the range of a half year to one year and once in a while considerably more. See here for Care, Tips and Tricks.

As a brief hair extensions, cut in hair augmentations is where wefts of hair are connected utilizing little weight touchy clasps with silicon. On the off chance that you would prefer not to wear your hair augmentation once a day, cut in hair expansions is a superior alternative for you.

Clasp ins Extensions:

Most reasonable for unique events or gatherings when cut in hair augmentations can be expelled before sleep time.


• Greater adaptability by having the alternative to put in and take out the hair regularly.

• You can change your hair shading or style regularly.

• It’s anything but difficult to take in and out the hair augmentation without anyone else’s input, no compelling reason to go to an authorized cosmetologist.


• Clip in hair augmentations can’t be appended to your own particular hair for drawn out stretches of time and should be expelled before sleep time.

• Not appropriate for thin, fine hair as clasps and base could be excessively massive or substantial for the hair wearer.

• Clip in hair expansion could keep going quite a while if utilized with legitimate care and upkeep.


• Wash hair expansions as occasionally as you can and apply a profound conditioner if the hair ends up dry or dull.

• Better to utilize a wide tooth brush or Loop brush to brush expansions.

3. Strand by Strand Method

Applying hot or cool application procedures, strand by strand method is the place expansions with a keratin stick bond are joined to little bits of your own hair. Strands of around 0.5 gram to 1 gram singular hairs can be joined with either a keratin stick fortified point or with a small scale interface. Most organizations that offer a reinforced strand by strand hair expansion allude to this strategy as a keratin fortified hair augmentation.

3.1 Hot Fusion:

Keratin U-tip bonds are connected to the hair utilizing a warming instrument. Beautician utilizes a warming instrument to dissolve the keratin stick, where your own hair is set and fixed between the soften U-tip keratin. The bonds are joined near the foundation of your own hair, abandoning some space to permit regular development of your hair.


• Most appropriate for coarse, thick hair.

• Most tough hair augmentations, last up to a half year with appropriate upkeep.

• Look like your own particular hair, exceptionally regular.


• Time devouring, the normal application time is around 2-6 hours.

• Hot combination expect warmth to introduce hair expansions, which can pummel the beautician’s hands as well as can prompt harm to the customer’s hair.

• Not reusable.

• Some individuals may likewise encounter uneasiness or a bothersome scalp inside the main couple a long time after application.

• Application requires a high expectation to absorb information for beauticians, which may bring about hair harm and breakage if not connected legitimately.


Maintain a strategic distance from any oil-based items or over-styling.

3.2 Cold Fusion, Micro-Links or I-tip:

Hair expansion technique where little bits of your hair are pulled through a little globule or bolt and clasped close with a hair augmentation forceps.


• Individual strands could moves somewhat more normally.

• No warmth or paste is required for the application and hair expansion can last up to a half year.

• Hair expansion is reusable, and any augmentations that may have slid down or off can be settled in around a hour by an accomplished expert.


• Time devouring, the normal application time is around 2-6 hours.

• If dabs or bolts are not set suitably, they can be noticeable and will slip more effortlessly than some other technique.

• Some individuals may likewise encounter distress or a bothersome scalp inside the main couple a long time after application.

• Not work for thin, fine hair as the dots or bolts can be unmistakable through your own hair.

• Application requires a high expectation to absorb information for a fruitful application and expulsion of this technique, and if done inaccurately can cause hair breakage and harm.


Stay away from utilization of oils or silicone-based items close to the connection.

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