Learn how heading back to your big day is often as simple as putting on a set of VR goggles.
Who doesn’t love a marriage training video? Whether it’s per month after your party or on your 10-time anniversary, there’s no better way to revisit key occasions of your entire day. And with the huge selection of videography styles available-from documentary and cinematic to same-day edit or music video-there tend to be more choices than ever before. But imagine if you could already have a leading row seat in your ceremony, spin in the center of the dance floor at the reception or feel just like you’re ranking next to your father as he provides his speech yet again?

Because of the latest progress in technology, lovers can do just that-in 360-degree 3-D-with a virtual reality wedding video tutorial. Virtual reality reach the entertainment mainstream in 2016, as Sony, Samsung and Yahoo all launched personal VR headphones. And today the craze is spilling over into weddings.

What’s virtual reality?
Simply put, virtual the truth is a 360-degree, 3-D video that inserts you straight into the center of the action. To watch VR, you will need to wear a virtual reality headset-usually strap-on goggles which contain a VR-capable smartphone. The movement sensors in the telephone enable you to look everywhere and feel just like you’re actually position in the space. The sights and noises of the moment surround you, increasing the illusion to be there. “This hologram-like training video acts such as a living, breathing time capsule.

Virtual Reality (VR) Photography is an online international resource for information about interactive photography, immersive imaging, and photographic virtual reality (VR). A wide range of hardware and software products allow both multimedia authors and photographers to create compelling interactive panoramas and object movies with popular technologies.

But one of the biggest benefits of capturing your day in virtual the truth is the chance to show it with relatives and buddies, especially those who couldn’t make it to the marriage. As compared with a standard wedding video, visitors of VR can in fact look around the room and feel just like a part of the action. Wedding photography is a service that has been around since the dawn of photography. In the early days the bridal party would be lucky to receive maybe a set of 5-10 images of themselves awkwardly posed, and staring directly at the camera – whereas modern wedding photographers tend to offer hundreds of images and the trend tends to be far more journalistic and artistic which allows for more of a story to be portrayed through the photographs. A really exciting trend in modern wedding photography however is leading away from the traditional camera, and simply receiving a set of images. SvenStudios, an innovative Wedding Photographer, based in South Australia has begun offering more than the usual set of images with their wedding photography packages. From flying overhead with camera-drones, to being a 360 degree Virtual reality wedding photography provider, SvenStudios are leading the advancement of your typical expectations of wedding photography to areas that would seem like science fiction only a few short years ago. For more details

Steven Duncan – the photographer behind the idea – developed the idea from having guests in England that could not attend his own wedding in Australia. Back then the idea of virtual reality was still in its infancy, but now through the development of technology and the know-how that comes with almost a decade’s experience in wedding photography, SvenStudios is able to finally offer this service commercially.

This service of virtual reality video creation and livestreaming really augments the traditional expectation of your wedding photography, allowing you to truly re-live your special moment from the perspective your guests. Imagine watching yourself get married, while sitting next to your parents, or friends from work – you can look to your side and watch Mum tear up, or your best friend smirk as your pageboy climbs the nearby tree. All these emotions and details from your day would otherwise be uncaptured if it weren’t for this amazing service.

Steven Duncan of SvenStudios covers weddings around Australia and the world, being a master photographer with the Australian Institute for Professional Photography (AIPP) and gained internationally acclaimed awards, his services are in high demand, particularly as his innovative and unique approach to capturing weddings has transcended what many people expect, or indeed believe is possible when documenting a wedding. Due to his heavy travelling for interstate and international weddings, his virtual reality wedding photography coverage has become quite the popular addition to the usual wedding photographer services.

VR Networks also offers several options for sharing the marriage video with relatives and buddies. For those who can’t attend the wedding but still want to be engaged your day of, they can even arrange live streaming of the event to a VR headset all over the world. Or lovers might choose to provide customized Yahoo cardboard headphones as a favor for their guests. That way, relatives and buddies can use their own smartphone to see the marriage video-or any virtual fact video-anytime they need. Sure beats packing hundreds of favor hand bags with Jordan almonds!

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