Like European big occasion, a Wedding tea ceremony needs enough here we are at proper planning. For a standard Wedding tea ceremony, there are significant differences like the standard shade for the bridal outfit and the important designs. If you are planning to hold a standard Wedding tea ceremony, then here are five considerations to prepare:


Wedding designs that enjoy the occasion and wish the several pleasure are required for the bride’s house as well as the reception desk. Pleasant banner ads must also be put up at house the several will be moving into. Like wedding outfit, traditional China wedding designs are made from red material as well as other vibrant, bright colors.

Wedding Day Customs for the Couple

On the morning hours of wedding, the several will go through different rituals. New bride will have a Shang tou (hairdressing) habit performed on her by a woman who has living family members such as a parent, spouse, or children to bring her all the best. Meanwhile, bridegroom will go through a capping wedding. For this aspect of wedding, it is necessary to make those techniques needed as well as inform who will be involved.

Wedding Entrance Game

This is yet another important section of the standard China wedding that tests how much bridegroom cares and knows about the bride. For the activity, the bride’s friends will have to block bridegroom from going inside the bride’s house by asking concerns about the bride’s personality, habits, favorite factors, and the like. To win his way, bridegroom will have to answer the concerns and provide li shi (token money) in red covers.

Wedding Ritual and Wedding Tea Ceremony

In regular weddings, the several exchange wedding vows. In a standard China wedding, the several kneels or bows three times to the paradise and earth, our ancestors tablets, their mother and father, and, finally, to each other. Once this habit is done, the bride will then serve tea to the mother and father and family members in order of seniority. She, in turn, gets gifts like jewelry and li shi.

Chinese Marriage Attire

The wedding outfit is an important aspect of a Wedding tea ceremony. However, contrary to Western traditions wherein white is along with of choice, China prefer that the bride use red. This is because red implies joy and all the best. It is best to devote a while in finding the best red wedding outfit. In your search, however, it is important to take note that a standard China bridal outfit for females is usually a one-piece outfit known as a qipao or the cheongsam. Men, on the other hand, usually use front-closing tunics known as da gua. Both the females and men’s outfit are generally decorated with golden Arizona and monster designs. For wedding footwear, try to go for red or silver wedding footwear to match the gown.

Wedding Food

The main dish for a relationship is seafood, as the diction of seafood in China is the same for “abundance.” Serving seafood on wedding is a wish for the several to have wealth. Aside from seafood, the China wedding celebration also includes cook-suckling pig that symbolizes the bride’s cleanliness, chicken cooked in red oil to represent the Arizona and success, and seafood, referred to as monster shrimp, and bird that symbolizes a relaxing future.

A traditional Wedding tea ceremony is just like any other wedding in the sense that it requires persistence for the planning. The doorway activity and morning hour’s rituals on wedding make the occasion more memorable and exciting. However, to ensure the wedding will go smoothly, it is necessary to make for the five factors the standard China wedding involves, which we have discussed today. Get ready them well and not only will wedding be great but the whole marriage will be as well.

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