There’s no greater gift than the gift of flowers. Receiving a bunch of your favourite, seasonal flowers can not only brighten up a corner of your home or office space, but they can really brighten up someone’s week.

Statistics show that these days’ people generally overlook the gift of flowers. I can’t put into words the amount of joy I receive from arranging a whole host of beautiful blooms, searching for the perfect vase, and displaying a seasonal, colourful delight in my home. Gone are the days of flowers being given only for anniversaries or in time of despair – flowers should be celebrated and enjoyed at every time of the year!

If you have hordes of empty vases gathering dust in your utility room longing to be filled, then let me introduce you to FlowerBe! FlowerBe is one of the UK’s newest and brightest letterbox flower delivery services.

With the idea that there should be more to the experience of bringing flowers into your home, FlowerBe was created. FlowerBe allows you to create bright and colourful spaces in your home with seasonal blooms to match the weather outside. Think bright sunny daffodils in spring, and ruby red roses for Christmas, whatever the weather; FlowerBe provides you with a gorgeous selection of flourishing blooms to decorate your interior spaces and create a real wow factor.

How it works

At FlowerBe you can choose between three original and different selections every month. All blooms come directly from local growers, meaning they’re 100% fresh, unique and last longer than ordinary supermarket bouquets. There are also monthly themes created by experts to match your home perfectly and create a colourful, visual treat for your home or interior space.

All flowers come completely unarranged and loose, with a whole host of inspirational material providing you with ideas and a little helping hand along the way. FlowerBe want you to rediscover the art of flower arranging. Whether you’re experienced in the field, or a complete novice, FlowerBe gives you the tools to create your own unique display and explore your creativity.


FlowerBe are also an independent family-run business, founded by brother and sister duo Lisa Roberts and Sean Millard. Supporting smaller ventures like these is so important, and FlowerBe is just that.

FlowerBe offer a 100% flexible service to suit your needs. Choose to sign up for regular monthly deliveries or just order when you feel the need to suit your requirements. You can manage your preferences and change the options easily online each month completely hassle-free. Each monthly theme offers three different flower selections to choose from, all prices are listed as below.

Tall selection: £30

Short selection: £26

Market special: £22

Create your flower subscription for free today.

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