What is this world without technology now? It is everywhere. So much so that, even fashion accessories are equipped with technology nowadays. People are more tech-savvy at present than they ever were and seems like they cannot survive without technology even for the most basic things.

Not complaining, because we think the internet has brought the world closer, and technology has only made all our lives better in so many ways. We cannot thank the people enough who have made it all possible.

We all want to look and feel our best, and fashion helps us with that. We want to look stylish, and we love it when someone appreciates our look. Don’t we? Accessorising only helps to add a glaring touch to what we are wearing. This is why it is essential. Moreover, what can but be better than fashion accessories being integrated with technology?

To buy them from online stores is a wise decision we tell you! You get them at cheap and affordable rates, and you can avail so many discounts and deals by using vouchers and coupons. You should also keep a note of the sale that the e-commerce websites offer as a part of their promotion strategy. You must also consider DealVoucherz to grab amazing offers. These will all help to add to your saving! So why not take advantage of shopping online?

Here in this article, we will tell you about the best fashion accessories that are beautifully fused with technology!

  1. Fitbit Flex 2 Small Bangle Accessory

Fitbits are wireless-enabled devices, which measures personal metrics including your heartbeat, steps climbed, steps walked, and your quality of sleep!

With this bangle bracelet, you can keep your Fitbit undercover. The bangle accessory has a metal design and is plated in 22-karat rose gold. The grooved centre capsule houses the Fitbit Flex 2. You also have colour options like silver and gold. It can easily blend with your other jewellery pieces’ collection. Layer it right, and you’re good to go!

  1. Smart watches

Be it Apple’s partnership with Hermes to bring out the best designed Apple Watches, or Tag Heuer and Intel’s collaboration to manufacture luxury watches; this fashion-tech accessory is breaking all records!

Even Montblanc has come up with an ‘e-strap’ that has a mini-screen that features things like smart notifications from your phone. The company Fitbit also collaborated with Public School to make a minimalist wrist piece. They look ultra-cool while keeping you notified about so many things other than just the time!

  1. The Harry Potter Invisible Cloak

The Harry Potter Invisible Cloak has not failed to impress us! There are so many moments when we wish we could disappear, isn’t it? Though the invisible cloak is every bit of fiction, the CHBL Jammer Coat comes somewhat close to that.

The coat will not help you to scare people, but it will let the radio waves touch your body! The interior of the jacket is filled with metallic fibre to stop any tracking using radio waves.

It can block internet and phone signals as well. The best part is when you place your phone inside the coat; you will disappear from technology. Neither you nor your credit card information can be tracked when the jacket is on.

Though the coat can be a little heavy to wear and no one can reach your phone while you are wearing it, it is okay to do that for a while.

  1. Ringly Smart Ring

This ring will always help you to stay connected. Not only does it look good and is perfect to be worn at cocktail parties, but it also manages to sync with your smartphone to alert you for missed calls, texts, and more by showing a colour-coded light on the side. The new moonstone and the rose gold combo is something that we are crushing on!

  1. Everpurse x Kate Spade New York iPhone Charging Wristlet

If you own an iPhone and are tired of your battery running out, here’s a better way to charge your phone than waiting by a charging outlet for a prolonged period. Kate Spade collaborated with Everpurse to design this wristlet that has an inbuilt charger that can help your battery to revive twice a day! The design is also exotic which you will surely love.

  1. Kate Spade New York Activity Tracker Bangle

There is no need to purchase a separate activity tracker when you have this bracelet by Kate Spade again! It is Bluetooth enabled and has the power to record your steps, control the music of your phone, and can tell you about your sleep cycles as well. The best part? Everyone will think you’re wearing just a cute li’l bangle.

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