Ideas for a Perfect Wedding Ceremony in the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is the perfect wedding destination for any couple’s most important day. Click here for 7 of our favorite wedding ceremony ideas.

Are you looking to have your wedding ceremony in the Outer Banks?

It’s a beautiful region and a great area for a destination wedding for those looking to make their special day memorable.

Read on to learn about seven ideas for the perfect wedding ceremony in the Outer Banks.

1. Have a Beach Wedding

One of the first things you think of when you hear “Outer Banks” is the beach. Not only is it a great spot to vacation and have some fun in the sun. It’s also a scenic place to get married, too.

Whether you’re having a small ceremony, or plan to have a lot of family and friends present, a beach wedding is a beautiful and memorable experience.

The sun shining and the sound of the waves are the perfect backdrop for when you’re tying the knot. Of course, it’s also great for taking those wedding photos.

There are plenty of beaches to choose from. So, find the one that best fits you and your partner’s wedding vision.

2. Include Beach-Themed Decorations

If you decide to get married on the beach, there are a lot of options to choose from. You need to think in terms of the colors, decorations, food, cocktails, and wedding favors that you can coordinate with your beach theme.

A beach-themed wedding provides you with the room to truly customize your ceremony, reception, and celebrations.

Embrace light, airy colors like whites and soft blues. These colors will help to to reflect the ambiance of summer. Or, line your wedding aisle with shells, flowers, and lights to enhance the atmosphere.

Let your creative juices flow. Think about how you and your partner can use these elements to help make your ceremony even more special.

Every beach wedding is different.

This means that every decision, no matter how small, is important to making your wedding day the best it can be.

3. Unity Sand Ceremony

Unity Sand Ceremonies have become increasingly popular in Outer Banks weddings.

This kind of ceremony has become a special way to use sand to commemorate destination weddings. We love that you can take that sand home with you.

A unity sand ceremony involves three vases. The third vase contains combined sand from the bride and groom that is joined together during the ceremony.It symbolizes their new life together.

The sentiment is sweet.

Plus, you can admire your vase of unity for years to come after the ceremony is over.

4. The Shell Ceremony

Another kind of ceremony that works well in an Outer Banks wedding is a Shell Ceremony.

Not only are they great objects and favors to incorporate in your theme and celebrations, but they can also be used symbolically.

In this kind of wedding ceremony, guests hold onto a shell and at the end of the ceremony. Then, they make a wish for the newly-married couple, and toss it back into the ocean.

This kind of ceremony is a great way to involve your family and friends. It’s a moving experience that leads you and your partner into the next wave of your life together.

5. Spiral Wedding Seating

One way to make your wedding ceremony unique?

Change up the seating arrangements.  Instead of straight rows, why not try spiral seating?

Spiral seating is a great way to give your family and friends an equal look at the ceremony. This way, they won’t miss a single moment when you and your partner say “I do.”

The symbol of the circle is also a nice touch. It parallels the new and lasting union between the happy couple.

6. Tossing Lavender at the End of the Ceremony

People have traditionally thrown rice at the end of wedding ceremonies. However, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to personalizing this part of your ceremony.

Tossing lavender confetti at the newly married couple has become popular. It’s a great choice for Outer Banks weddings.

The lavender itself is environmentally friendly, the scent is fragrant in the wind, and it is the perfect subtle and floral touch for a beach wedding.

Guests will love this alternative wedding send-off. The newly married and happy couple won’t forget being showered in it either!

7. Releasing Wish Lanterns into the Sky

Another popular option for those planning weddings outdoors is the release of wish lanterns into the sky.

They have a deep and rich culture in Asian ceremonies. However, they have been adopted by newlyweds as a great way to close their wedding ceremony and festivities.

Each lantern is released with a wish in mind for the happy couple. Its ascent into the sky symbolizes the wellness and dreams for the couple’s future ahead.

If you’re thinking about getting lanterns for your wedding ceremony, you must first check to see if they meet the safety standards of your location and the environment.

These lit lanterns are ideal for a night wedding when they are clearly illuminated against the sky.

However, you can always choose to release them at a reception if you’re planning a ceremony earlier in the day.

Make Your Wedding Ceremony Unforgettable in the Outer Banks

Your wedding ceremony is an event you’ll never want to forget. Getting married in the Outer Banks can give you your dream experience.

The region is great for beach weddings, and there are many ways to make your ceremony personal and memorable for you and your partner.

Looking for elements to tie your beach theme together? Preparing a unity sand or shell ceremony? Deciding to toss lavender, or want to release beautifully lit lanterns into the sky?

There is something for every couple.

Are you in need of assistance for a wedding ceremony in the Outer Banks? We’d love to help make your special day even more special. Let me know how we can help you today!

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